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Valuing local economies and quantifying intangibles as part of the business case

More details/ possibilities:
  • Providing local employment opportunities during and post construction
  • Valuing externalities
  • Providing vocational rehabilitation opportunities for long term unemployed
Associated Case Studies: 


Hard and soft infrastructure and facilities providing opportunities for economic development

More details/ possibilities:
  • Business incubation
  • Facilitating home based businesses
  • Tax incentives/ rebates and developer contributions
  • Provision of broadband
  • Improving public transport options to areas of work
  • Industrial sites
  • Eco-industry
Associated Case Studies:

Urban Planning:

Urban planning that is robust, flexible and able to respond to changing economic conditions

More details/ possibilities:
  • Flexible and mixed use zoning
  • Public markets
  • Future proofing
  • Multiple employment centres (i.e. commercial, industrial and retail)
  • Sustainable employment outcomes

Building Design:

Initiatives that encourage robust and varied built form uses to stimulate economic prosperity

More details/ possibilities:
  • Adaptable housing
  • Shop-top buildings
  • Incentivise building industry to build sustainable designs
  • Point of sale house rating
  • Design that encourages home businesses
  • Incubator commercial space for start up businesses
  • Flexible building form that allows for change in mix
Associated Case Studies: