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Valuing native and endemic flora and fauna as well as landscapes as part of a wider ecosystem

More details/ possibilities:
  • Valuing the retention and provision of key ecosystems and significant flora and fauna
  • Considering the use of non endemic plants if they better serve a specific ecosystem function
  • Valuing habitat retention including the provision of new habitats
  • Educating consumers of the need to value and protect natural systems (e.g. wetlands) and created landscapes
Associated Case Studies:


Efficient and sensitive services layout minimises impact on the ecosystem

More details/ possibilities:
  • Establishing efficiencies in services layout to minimise the area and level of impact
  • Minimising changes in landform including cut and fill
  • Industry support network for native and endemic landscape suppliers and businesses
  • Avoiding pollution of water bodies including groundwater
  • Protecting and enhancing natural water systems, vegetation and habitats including movement corridors
  • Designs that recognise and retain where possible, existing ecosystems and local catchments thereby minimising earthworks
  • Retention of native vegetation and mature trees and incorporation into services layout

Urban Planning:

Understanding and valuing ecosystem opportunities and constraints into integrated urban planning outcomes

More details/ possibilities:
  • Preliminary and detailed site and context analysis (flora, fauna, built environment, heritage etc) 
  • Easing of access into natural areas
  • Minimising land clearing and benching
  • Integrated Urban Water Management
  • Designing for wildlife corridors
  • Providing appropriate buffers - with multiple outcomes (i.e. not sterilised)
  • Designs that recognise existing ecosystems and local catchments thereby minimising earthworks
  • Retention and integration of habitat and biodiversity into design
  • Rehabilitating / restoring natural areas

Associated Case Studies:

Building Design:

Considered building designs that integrate and respect the natural environment
More details/ possibilities:
  • Native / endemic landscaping packages
  • Green buildings
  • Visual and physical connectivity

Associated Case Studies: