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Understanding and use of materials that reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to human wellbeing

More details/ possibilities:
  • Valuing selection of sustainable materials
  • Indoor environmental quality
Associated Case Studies:


Infrastructure solutions based on material synergies and choices that are more sustainable

More details/ possibilities:
  • Eco material lists including low embodied energy and recycled materials
  • Minimising fill requirements
  • Industrial ecology - utilising industrial by-products
  • Green waste reuse (e.g. for mulch)

Associated Case Studies:

Urban Planning:

Urban planning that promotes environmentally responsible material usage and synergies

More details/ possibilities:
  • Design Guidelines
  • Sense of place/ context appropriate materials

Building Design:

Building design and built form outcomes that showcase environmentally responsible material use

More details/ possibilities:
  • Using recycled building products
  • Thermal mass
  • Double glazing
  • Insulation
  • Using local materials
  • Low-emission paints, sealants, and carpets
  • Life cycle costing