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Total water cycle management

More details/ possibilities:
  • Community education programs (e.g. acceptance of treated water)
  • Water demand management
  • Reducing fertilizer use
  • Conservation methods to preserve water sources
Associated case studies:


Infrastructure solutions supportive of and based upon total water cycle management principles

More details/ possibilities:
  • Total water cycle management
  • Fit-for-purpose water use systems
  • Decentralised supply solutions
  • Non-standard service provision
  • Third pipe (dual reticulation)
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Demand management
  • Flow/pressure management/manipulation
  • Grey and black water reuse
  • Managed aquifer recharge
  • Stormwater management of small, minor and major flows and harvesting
  • Water quality management
  • Bio remediation
  • Wetland retention and rehabilitation
  • Desalination using wave power generators

Associated Case Studies:


Urban Planning:

Total water cycle management integrated into urban planning decisions

More details/ possibilities:
  • Multiple use of open space and stormwater reuse and drainage
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Soil amendments to improve water quality
  • Living streams
  • Incorporating aesthetic value into open space areas which use storm water drainage
  • Maintaining natural drainage features
  • Total water cycle management
  • Water quality improvement (treatment of stormwater)

Associated Case Studies:

Building Design:

Buildings that are designed, built and landscaped to reduce the demand on potable water 

More details/ possibilities:
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Integration of technologies
  • Waterwise appliances
  • Waterwise landscaping
  • Fit for purpose plumbing
  • Household greywater recycling
  • Low water use irrigation practices
  • Stormwater retention within the lot boundary – infiltrate source
  • Implementing mandatory “Construction Site Waste Management Plans”
  • Third pipe alternate water supply
  • Grey and black water treatment and recycling / reuse incentives
Associated Case Studies: