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UDIA Committees

Our Committees are instrumental in the development and progress of UDIA’s policy and advocacy work, assisting in the development of special project areas, as well as engagement with industry, stakeholders and the general public.  Committees meet on a bimonthly basis to collaborate and discuss the big issues, working to develop solutions and helping to ensure that the Institute is best placed to provide the information, services, events and initiatives that benefit our members. Committee membership is also a great opportunity to meet and work with other professionals in the industry to develop solutions to issues experienced across organisation and disciplinary boundaries. Committees also proactively assist in developing projects, publications and policies towards the betterment of industry.

UDIA WA and our Committees work collaboratively with government departments and agencies, service providers, other industry groups and stakeholders to drive the delivery of outcomes which not only improve conditions within industry, but the communities that our members work to build.

We encourage members from all disciplines and professions to nominate for the UDIA Committees, when nominations are called for. 


About Our Committees

The 2014/15 Committee Updates for each of UDIA's committees can be found here.

Urban Water Committee


Promote an efficient, consistent and coordinated approach to urban water management in Western Australia. This includes:
  • Effectively engaging with local, state and federal government to promote a clear and streamlined approvals process and policies for urban water management including water sensitive urban design and implementation of alternative water sources;
  • Ensuring the WA development industry is aware of innovations in urban water management including the re-use of storm water and wastewater and encouraging the state government to invest in innovation;
  • Promoting the need for practical, cost effective drainage solutions which maximise social, economic and environmental benefits.
  • The committee will also provide advice and assistance with drafting relevant UDIA policy and submissions to government when requested by the UDIA Executive.

Urban Water Committee 2015-17

Peter Bowyer Civil Group
Helen Brookes Essential Environmental
Carl Buckley Satterley Property Group
Greg Claydon Department of Water
Dave Coremans Emerge Associates
Carl Davies RPS Environment & Planning
Jim Davies JDA Consultant Hydrologist
Nicholas Deeks GHD Pty Ltd
Rebecca Epworth Coterra Environment
Marino Evangelisti PDC
Craig Graham Peet Ltd
Peter Howard Water Corporation
Sasha Martens HYD2o
Samantha Thompson TBB Planning
Bruce Young Spatial Property


Infrastructure Committee

  • Promote an efficient and coordinated approach to the provision of local infrastructure to support land development projects in WA
  • Challenge and interrogate existing and proposed infrastructure funding mechanisms and delivery processes in order to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Highlight the need for timely and efficient provision of critical infrastructure for residential development in order to meet land supply demands and address housing affordability
  • Promote a coordinated approach to the development of town planning, infrastructure, built form and environmental strategies at a local and state level
  • Encourage developers, service providers and government to adopt new technologies and approaches to traditional urban development challenges
  • Provide leadership in anticipating and addressing infrastructure issues and advocate on behalf of industry in response to issues as they arise
Infrastructure Committee 2015-17
Kristy Gillian Western Power
Peter Bowyer Civil Group
Mike Boynes Jaxon
Nathan Butson Cossill & Webley
Adam Collins Estates Development Company
Jeremy Cordina ABN Group
Brenton Downing Satterley Property Group
Wayne Edgeloe Calibre Consulting
Brian Farrell Tabec Pty Ltd
Ryan Hunter Peet Limited
Cameron Leckey CLE Town Planning & Design
Sharni Millman Wood & Grieve Engineers
Michael Mulhall Wormall Civil Pty Ltd
Stuart Nahajski LandCorp
John Todd Water Corporation


Sustainable Urban Development Committee

To promote and facilitate the role of the development industry in achieving social, economic and environmentally sustainable urban development in Western Australia. This will be achieved through, inter alia:
  • providing leadership and encouraging the use of new technologies and management practices;
  • working with local, state and federal government to overcome regulatory barriers to implementing those new technologies and management practices;
  • advocating for a continuous improvement model which promotes sustainable urban development;
  • sharing knowledge and discussing innovative and improved ways of achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability outcomes within urban developments;
  • assisting with the promotion and implementation of the UDIA EnviroDevelopment accreditation scheme; and
  • providing advice and assistance with drafting relevant UDIA policy and submissions to Government when requested by the UDIA Executive.


Urban Planning Committee

  • Facilitate better understanding of good planning outcomes
  • Promote inter and intra agency coordination
  • To promote streamlined approach to planning approvals
Urban Planning Committee 2015-17
Tony Aleksovski Mirvac
Daniel Arndt City of Cockburn
Lex Barnett TBB Planning
Peter Beekink Lavan
Jane Bennett CLE Town Planning + Design
Tyson Burkett Stockland
Ryan Darby Roberts Day
Sheldon Day RPS
Ben Dreckow City of Mandurah
Paul Morgan Peet Limited
Graeme Morris Richard Noble
Susan Oosthuizen LandCorp
Craig Shepherd Department of Planning
Theo Tham Cossill & Webley
Karl White Cedar Woods


Environment Committee

  • Provide leadership and identify and promote best practice in the development industry 
  • To consider government environmental policies and their implications for the urban development industry and recommend to UDIA Council appropriate action
Environment Committee 2015-17
Kristen Bennetts Coterra Environment
Scott Bird 360 Environmental
Sharon Clark LandCorp
Justin Crooks Frasers Property Group
Trevor Finlayson Peet Ltd
Jason Hick Emerge Associates
Dale Newsome Strategen
Kris Nolan Urbis Pty Ltd
Steve Rolls RPS Environment
Paul Van Der Moezel PGV Environmental
Craig Wallace Lavan
Sean Walsh Acting Coordinator Land Planning Program
Nick Wheeler Stockland


Built Form Committee

  • Consider and promote best practice outcomes that effectively integrate land and built form outcomes.
  • Monitor and review policies and sustainability initiatives that impact on built form including affordability, energy and water efficiency.
  • Identify key impediments to the implementation of best practice and recommend solutions to UDIA Council.
  • Consider impediments and deliver possible solutions to the creation of in-fill development as promoted in Directions 2031.
Built Form Committee 2015-17
Cameron Alder Stockland
Nick Allingame Pindan
Gavin Broom Cameron Chrisholm Nicol
Scott Cameron Finbar
Andrew Carville ABN Developments
David Cresp Urbis
Tony Hatt Devwest Group
Nathan James QUBE Property Group
Tim Lines Bankwest Property Finance
Shannon O'Shea Hames Sharley
Armando Rossi Georgiou
Alan Stewart Rowe Group
Neil Thom CLE Town Planning + Design
Paul Wilson HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

Taxation Committee


  • Assist with the biannual Economic Impact Statement
  • Work with UDIA National on GST implications for property
  • Minimise the impact of taxation on affordability
  • Keep abreast of tax changes impacting on development industry
  • Monitor taxation thresholds that affect property development

South West Regional Development Committee

  • Highlight current issues affecting the industry in the South West region
  • Advise on possible avenues to solve these issues
  • Promote membership of UDIA in the South West
  • Identify speakers/ issues for events

 Women in Property Committee

  • Provide input on planning for events
  • Offer suggestions for themes, presenters and other items associated with WIP activities
  • Provide feedback from women of the industry on what WIP should be providing/ promoting
  • Promote WIP to wider contacts

Women in Property Committee

Gemma Bouge Professional Public Relations
Paulyn Chew LandCorp
Jacqueline De Meyrick Satterley Property Group
Rosemary Edwards PDC
Janet Er Bankwest Property Finance
Rachel Ezzard Stockland
Ray Haeren Urbis Pty Ltd
Jess Jacobs LWP Property


  • Increase the involvment of young professionals in UDIA
  • Improve understanding of career opportunities in the industry
  • Encourage networking amongst young professionals in the industry
Outlook Committee 2016
Vivienne Edwards (Chair) Wood & Grieve Engineers
Philip Anderton Bankwest Property Finance
Kimberly Bass Peet Ltd
Adam Casotti BCG Developments
Jamie De Palma Pritchard Francis
Stewart Doran Urbis
Denise Hare Pritchard Francis
Eloise Healy ABN Group
Rhys Johnson Blacburne Property
Ren Lee Housing Authority
Kate Oosterhof City of Wanneroo
David Paz Linc Property
Jarrod Ross Taylor Burrell Barnett
Haylee Shaw ABN Group
Jonathan Small TABEC Pty Ltd


EnviroDevelopment Board of Management (WA)

The primary task of the EnviroDevelopment Board of Management WA is to determine the appropriateness of applications received for certification to the EnviroDevelopment standards.

Paul McQueen
Martin Bowman
Martin Anda
Fiona Bentley
Lex Barnett
Ian Holloway
Scott Bird  

Legal Expert (CHAIR)
Environment & Sustainability
Environmental Engineer
Community Development   

Built Form Expert
Environment Specialist