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The following categories provide descriptions and links to publications that research and analyse important industry trends. The following publications were not developed by UDIA and should be attributed to their respective authors.

Development Costs

National dwelling costs study, Urbis
The National Housing Supply Council in 2011 commissioned property consultant Urbis to examine the cost of developing new infill and greenfield housing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. (pdf)

Housing Affordability

Household responses to declining affordability
This study investigated individual and household responses to declining housing affordability in Australia. This scoping study highlights current knowledge, existing research gaps and research required to fill those gaps. The study examines housing affordability in broad terms, considering housing-related living costs including those costs that are affected by choice of location and tenure type. (pdf)  

Housing Choice 

Understanding housing and location choices of retiring Australians in the ‘baby boom' generation 
This study outlines the broad scope of research that has been done and could be done to better plan to meet the housing needs and wants of this 'Baby Boomer' cohort. It identifies ‘types' based on existing tenure, their aspirations for future housing and location, and the constraints on their housing and location choices. (pdf)

The housing we'd choose: a study for Perth and Peel
The study reveals what is important to people when choosing housing. It identifies the trade-offs people are willing to make when their preferences are constrained by affordability or location factors. (Full report; summary)

Housing motivations and intentions, Western Australia, 2012
The Bureau of Statistics has published the results from a housing intentions survey of 2,800 WA households conducted in October 2012. It is an interesting update to the original survey conducted in 2005 and provides a wealth of information for private and public sector urban development professionals. Of particular interest, the ABS survey collected information about current and future housing intentions of Western Australians, and the factors that influence the location and characteristics of the dwelling individuals choose to live in. (link to study; Excel tables

Housing Supply

State of Supply 2011, National Housing Supply Council
The National Housing Supply Council's 3rd State of Supply Report was released in December 2011. This report provided a detailed analysis of housing supply forecasts and estimates of under/oversupply. (pdf; Excel tables

Projections of Housing Demand in Australia, 2008-2039
The National Housing Supply Council commissioned latent demand projections for the 2010 State of Supply Report. (pdf

Housing supply and affordability issues 2012/13, NHSC
In this publication the National Housing Supply Council's analyses data from the Census on housing circumstances and choices, highlights key points from commissioned scoping studies and looks at recent policy developments around Australia. (pdf

Housing supply and affordability - key indicators, 2012, NHSC
This publication updates the National Housing Supply Council's analysis of underlying housing demand, supply, the balance between the two, and housing affordability, from the previous State of Supply Report. (pdf)

Perth and Peel Development Outlook, 2012, DoP
The Department of Planning's Urban Development Program has prepared a comprehensive report with some interesting analysis of the factors shaping supply and demand for land and dwellings in the Perth and Peel metropolitan area. (link to site

Migration and Population

Settlement patterns of migrants, Deloitte Access Economics
This study analyes the impacts of migration on underlying demand for housing. This includes: the housing formation patterns, preferences and outcomes of migrants; the economic circumstances of migrants which underlie these housing characteristics; how migrants' housing characteristics change over time after arrival in Australia; and differences in housing characteristics by broad visa stream. (pdf)

Scoping study of migration and housing needs
This study examines the housing characteristics of recently arrived permanent and temporary migrants by their visa category. Migrants' household and housing characteristics are examined including: household type, household size, location, housing tenure and housing costs. (pdf)

WA Tomorrow, 2012
Western Australia Tomorrow is a set of forecasts based on trends since the 1980s. The forecasts represent the best estimate of future population size if trends in fertility, mortality and migration continue. They use the latest information about changes in trends and represent data at local government area level. (link to site

Residential Construction

Scoping Study into Housing Supply Responses to Change in Affordability, Urbis 
This study looks at how the home building industry is changing the type of product it produces, and the method for producing it, in response to the decline in housing affordability and includes findings from interviews with stakeholders with a direct interest and experience of the residential construction industry. (pdf)

Travel Patterns

Travel times in Perth, RAC
RAC has published data on travel times in Perth peak periods. The survey covers 21 commuter routes. (pdf)