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Below is a selection of regularly released statistics and reports relating to the housing and residential land development industry.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Building Approvals (Monthly)

Provides information on the number and value of building work approved. The scope of the publication includes dwelling type at state and LGA level.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Consumer Price Index (Quarterly)

Measures the quarterly changes in prices of a range of goods. Provides an indication of changes in household costs including rent and mortgage costs.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Dwelling Commencements (Quarterly)

Provides information on the number of residential building commencements in both the public and private sector.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Housing Finance (Monthly)

Provides information on the number and value of dwelling finance commitments by dwelling type and lender.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Housing Occupancy and Costs Survey (Biennially)

Provides information on characteristics of occupants and dwellings such as tenure, family composition of household, dwelling structure, age, income and main source of income. It also includes value of dwelling estimates, and information on recent home buyers.

Australian Bureau of Statistics House Price Indices (Quarterly)

Provides information on the changes in house prices across the eight capital cities.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force (Monthly)

Provides information on number of employed persons, unemployed rate, underemployed rate, participation rate, and aggregate monthly hours worked.

Genworth Homebuyer Confidence Index (Biannually)

Measures the sentiment of homebuyers about their own mortgage and the overall mortgage market, combining it with would-be homebuyer sentiment towards the mortgage market.

Housing Industry Forecasting Group (Biannually)

The group is a joint industry and government body re-established in February 2008 to provide independent commentary on the housing sector in WA.

Landgate Business Activity Profiles (Monthly)

Reports the number of subdivision lots created, strata title lots created, and other reporting information.

Melbourne Institute Household Saving and Investment Report (Quarterly)

Provides information about households’ current and future savings behaviour, their reasons for saving, and the structure of household assets and debts.

NAB Australian Residential Property Survey (Quarterly)

A report tracking the demand for residential property which includes forecasts of housing prices and rental demand.

NAB Business Survey (Monthly)

A monthly survey of business conditions. Includes indicators of forward orders, employment, stock, capacity utilisation, business confidence and labour costs across different industries.

Nation Housing Supply Council State of Supply Report (Annually)

A comprehensive report monitoring housing demand, supply and affordability, as well as the identification of gaps between housing demand and supply.

RBA Bank Lending (Monthly)

Gives an indication of total bank lending by sector. Includes APRA data, investment and owner-occupied lending figures and other personal loan data.

RBA Household Finances(Quarterly)

Provides information on total household debt and total housing assets.

RP Data – Rismark Home Value Index (Daily)

A measure of movements in the value of Australian housing markets across three housing types (detached houses; units; and the combination of houses and units) for each capital city.

SQM Vacancy Rates and Stock on the Market (Monthly)

Provides monthly rental vacancy rates and total stock on market figures by city, region, postcode or suburb.

TD Securities – Melbourne Institute Inflation Gauge (Monthly)

Provides a monthly figure tracking changes in the prices of a basket of goods.

UDIA Market Intelligence Unit Market Statistics (Weekly)

Provides a summary of analysis and statistical updates relating to the Western Australian urban development sector. Available each week in the UDIA Urban Express.

UDIA Urban Development Index (Quarterly)

A quarterly survey of land development trends in Western Australia. Includes information about residential lot sales, lots on market, lots under construction, lot sizes, and lot prices.

UDIA Urban Intelligence (Monthly)

The latest information on the Western Australian economy, residential loan activity, first home buyer and investor activity, residential construction, the rental market and much more.

Western Australian Planning Commission State Lot Activity (Quarterly)

Provides information on subdivision approvals covering applications submitted, pending, conditional approvals, developers' stock of approvals and final approvals for all land uses. Includes state wide coverage by local government area.

Western Australian Department of Treasury FHOG (Monthly)

Provides information on the number of First Home Owner Grants (FHOG) paid and the number of applications. Includes top suburbs for first home buyers, the type of dwelling purchased, and median price of dwelling purchased.

Westpac – Melbourne Institute Consumer Sentiment Index (Monthly)

A monthly reflection of consumers’ evaluations of their current and future financial situation. Includes views on buying conditions for cars and dwellings, and the wisest place for savings.